Self-Published Authors To Get Barnes & Noble Shelf Space

Has the so-called self-publishing stigma finally dissolved? With the recent announcement by VentureBeat that self-publishing outfit FastPencil will give self-published authors coveted shelf space at physical Barnes & Noble stores, it just might have.

With the growing presence of the Espresso Book Machine in indie book retailers over the past year, it is not a total surprise that a, well make that the, major book seller would leverage their most expensive asset.

As the VentureBeat piece notes, there are different tiers of self-pub imprints for authors, which more than likely indicates FastPencil and B&N keeping the quality control of what goes into the store intact.

Read the entire store here.

Worth a Look – Smashword Founder Mark Coker Talks Self-Publishing Gold Rush to Forbes

Feeling down about your prospects as a self-published author to sell copious copies of your sure-to-be bestseller? Look no further than this recent Forbes piece by Suw Charman-Anderson to cheer you up. In a nutshell Smashwords Founder Mark Coker is super stoked about the future for the digital self-published author. He predicts self-publishing to increase dramatically, specifically in the form of e-books, and big time print publishers to largely become marginalized by the revolution.

Coker mentions the quality of self-published books improving greatly, which dovetails with the infamous Taleist survey from earlier this year. 

Check out the full interview here.