Now Buzzing – The Humanity of Justice

Buzz offers a glimpse into new self-published books from emerging authors that reviewers at our friends Palmetto Review find buzzworthy.

Title: The Humanity of Justice: Lighting Even The Darkest Path Toward Justice

Author: Burke E. Strunsky

Genre: Murder & Mayhem, True Accounts, Biographies & Memoirs

Release Date: Available Now

Reviewer: Kathie Abel

In The Humanity of Justice, author Burke E. Strunsky warns early on that “…this book is not for the squeamish.” He’s right. The stories are stark, unsettling and brutal in some cases. What is more unsettling, however, is the light he sheds on the state of our nation’s troubling apathy and disinterest in a system that has defined us as a democratic society.

Reading as a legal professional, I found myself nodding in agreement so many times as Strunsky describes situations clearly misunderstood, proceedings clearly misadministered, and justice clearly not served. He shows us that some of the problem is that the basics are not being taught as part of the middle or high school civics experience, and he’s right. He cites a poll that showed that more people can name the Three Stooges than can explain the three branches of government. He addresses the issues surrounding juries and the average person’s desire to avoid service.

The stories offered by Strunsky illustrate the dysfunctions of our society and bring home with compelling impact a need for understanding, change and reform not only in our system of jurisprudence, but in the way we as human beings view the process. The Humanity of Justice needs to be marketed aggressively and thoroughly – especially to young adults where it can hopefully be an agent for change. Four stars.

Now Buzzing – Eyes of the Bull

Buzz offers a glimpse into new self-published books from emerging authors that reviewers at our friends Palmetto Review find buzzworthy.

Title: Eyes of the Bull (A Ramierz Novel)  

Author: Radcliff Lance

Genre: Thriller

Release Date: Available Now

Reviewer: Karl Green

The wonderfully written novel Eyes of the Bull authored by Radcliff Lance is definitely a combination of an adventure, crime thriller, and undoubtedly is action packed. The story takes off with an introduction to the protagonist of the story, Diego Ramirez, also known as Latin Bull. The streets have always been a home to Diego, and when he finds out his sister-in-law who runs an online magazine exposing the crime and ugly truths in her city, Candice, has been beat and hospitalized by two gun thugs, he makes it his priority to find them and extinguish them. Prior to Candice being hospitalized she encounters Katie, a young teen whose brother has recently gone missing and comes to Candice for help. The Bull not only fights to save her sister and her acquaintances life, but also his.  

Lance does an outstanding job developing the characters and making them have a personal connection with the readers at every moment. I feel like the story is so real and easy to imagine based on his creative excellence. Lance’s unique way of storytelling is very enjoyable and resembles an action movie. He intertwines the story in such a way that prevents it from being tedious. His constant plot changes and the incorporation of stories through the book make it hard to put down once you get past the first couple of chapters. When I found Ramirez fighting those were some of the best parts of the book. I enjoyed the character’s interactions and their believable and uncensored language during the fights. The writing style is very descriptive which allows the reader to paint a picture in their hand. I also loved his introductions to his characters. The only thing I wasn’t so fond of was the beginning of the book, the story began a bit slow, but like I said after that I LOVED it. The story may have needed a bit of a slow start to have something to build up on. I would rate this book 5 stars. It was unbelievably good. I believe this book would be great for older teens, young adults, and fun-loving adults. If you’re looking for an action packed story this one is it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  


Now Buzzing – Millie and Honey: The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure – Volume II – APPLEOPOLIS

Buzz offers a glimpse into new self-published books from emerging authors that reviewers at our friends Palmetto Review find buzzworthy.

Title: Millie and Honey: The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure – Volume II – APPLEOPOLIS

Author: J.D. Means

Genre: Children (age 6-12)

Release Date: TBA

Reviewer: Deborah Watson-Novacek

This wonderful book, authored by J.D. Means and very nicely illustrated by Romar Lipana, is a cute fantasy/adventure tale intended for children aged 6 – 12, depending on their reading level. This would also be a great book to read aloud to your non-reading children.  A sequel to MHIIIA, Volume 1: Catatonia, Appleopolis picks up the day after the characters’ adventures in Catatonia (an amazing planet of felines). 

In their last adventure, Millie, her dog Honey, and Honey’s litter (Salazar, Jasmine, Burt and Blinky) discovered a “Traveling Machine.”  In this story they join up with Millie’s parents and Rose (the machine’s caretaker) to travel to the planet Appleopolis. 

On Appleopolis, a planet of intelligent trees, the group also makes friends with the delightful Rags (the Regent of the Agricultural Garden Society), who wears a blue jacket complete with medallions and talks like a pirate. Rags is their own private guide to all the wonders in Appleopolis. The group experiences Apple Bobbing (with a twist!) and the Apple Press ride. They also learn a lot in the Maple Forest and the Cinnamon Grove. An adventure-filled day with lots of fun and learning!

I highly recommend that you add this book to your family library! I also think that someday this series would make an excellent cartoon series (a la The Magic Schoolbus)! The characters are all quite engaging and story is well plotted and executed. The vocabulary is just right – a little challenging (in a good way!) for younger children, but not too baby-ish for the older reader. The ending is satisfying and leaves you wanting to follow along on the group’s next adventure.

If you can, I also recommend you get the first book in the series (Catatonia), and I can’t wait for the publication of Book #3 – The Blue Angel Planet!