Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts Talks NYT Book Review Article, Focus, and More

NYU Adjunct Professor of self-publishing, traditional house and self-published author, and book development, publicity, and marketing  firm owner Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts offers an intriguing look at the art of creating and marketing a self-published title. In addition to discussing the importance of producing a high quality product, and the benefit of focus in book marketing, Penny discusses the highly-publicized New York Times piece discussing the role of paid book reviewers in the self-publishing ecosystem.


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For more book marketing expert interviews check out our SoundCloud page. CEO Kelsye Nelson Explains New Marketplace for Book Development Services

Writing a bestseller is just the start. Developing relationships with editors, cover designers, and book marketers is an art of itself. The friction on both sides, for example, authors to find qualified editors, and editors to find equally qualified authors as clients will soon be relieved thanks to an innovative marketplace called Discover what it is about, and why this CEO thinks it will help authors crack the code of becoming a bestseller in this candid interview.

Nelson hopes to launch in the next month or two, and users can get a beta invite by signing up here



Stephanie Chandler of Authority Publishing on Book Biz, Bookstores, Social Strategy for Authors, and Much More (audio)

Experience is often the most sought after asset of any in-demand professional. Industry experience comes hard-earned through a rare combination of adventure, ambition, and motivation to succeed above all else. Enter Stephanie Chandler of Authority Publishing, an industry veteran that persevered to become a virtual encyclopedia of book biz know-how. Want to open a bookstore, self-publish a book, ink a traditional deal, start a marketing company, and become a top selling author to boot? Chandler’s got you covered, because she’s done it all.

Listen and learn from this fantastic discussion with an expert’s expert on subjects as diverse as bookstore outreach, social media strategy, platform building, blogging, and discovering the key to obtaining the ever-elusive positive ROI on a book marketing campaign.

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Zetablue Marketing Chief Rachel Simeone Gives Book Marketing Primer (audio)

What’s lost in the trends and fads of any form of marketing are often the most important things. In this wonderful interview with Rachel Simeone of Zetablue Marketing we learn fundamentals. Not only does Simeone’s experience as a corporate marketer bring perspective to her career in the book marketing world, she offers a ton of useful tips from her current gig working with authors to help promote their book.

Simeone encourages segmenting your book marketing campaign to those most likely to read your book. She doesn’t shy away from the idea that a successful book marketing campaign takes hard work, yet she also encourages slow organic platform building campaigns to help dull the edge of such a daunting effort. Be sure to listen for the history of platform building for authors around the 14:22 mark, this alone makes the clip worth a stream.

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Media Training for Authors – Crash Course with Jess Todtfeld

We had the pleasure of speaking with Jess Todtfeld of Success In Media today. With his extensive experience as a producer for some of cable’s biggest programs, and as a prolific author and interviewee, the only bad part about the call is it’s short duration. Todtfeld offers his unique perspectives on how to approach and leverage the media for your own end goal, to sell more books.

What’s interesting about this interview, akin to watching a movie a second time with the ending in mind, is that Todtfeld not only offers insight into how to leverage the media, he actively showcases these techniques within the call itself, making this call worth at least two listens.

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Book Publicist Scott Lorenz Talks Book Shepherds

Image courtesy of Jeromey Johnson 

Should new authors be left alone to make mistakes and gain experience? Save yourself from the pain argues book publicist Scott Lorenz in the article Book Shepherds – How They Can Help Authors. I spent some time this morning on the phone with Scott discussing the who, what, when, where, why of book shepherds. For your listening pleasure available for stream or download below.

Full version of Lorenz’s article located here.

Interview with Kim Leonard Bookcovers.Com (Audio)

Staff reporter Melissa Anne Wuske talks the importance of cover design with Kim Leonard Art Director for

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The Price of Free – A Conversation with Scott Lorenz from Westwind Communications

What are the benefits or costs associated with giving away your self-published book for free? Clark talks with book marketing pro Scott Lorenz from Westwind Communications about the process of marketing a book via giving it a way. Learn why Lorenz thinks a proper “free” promotion should involve only giving a part of the book away, and how an author can benefit from the widespread sharing that exists online today.


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