Self-Published Authors To Get Barnes & Noble Shelf Space

Has the so-called self-publishing stigma finally dissolved? With the recent announcement by VentureBeat that self-publishing outfit FastPencil will give self-published authors coveted shelf space at physical Barnes & Noble stores, it just might have.

With the growing presence of the Espresso Book Machine in indie book retailers over the past year, it is not a total surprise that a, well make that the, major book seller would leverage their most expensive asset.

As the VentureBeat piece notes, there are different tiers of self-pub imprints for authors, which more than likely indicates FastPencil and B&N keeping the quality control of what goes into the store intact.

Read the entire store here.

Worth a Look – Smashword Founder Mark Coker Talks Self-Publishing Gold Rush to Forbes

Feeling down about your prospects as a self-published author to sell copious copies of your sure-to-be bestseller? Look no further than this recent Forbes piece by Suw Charman-Anderson to cheer you up. In a nutshell Smashwords Founder Mark Coker is super stoked about the future for the digital self-published author. He predicts self-publishing to increase dramatically, specifically in the form of e-books, and big time print publishers to largely become marginalized by the revolution.

Coker mentions the quality of self-published books improving greatly, which dovetails with the infamous Taleist survey from earlier this year. 

Check out the full interview here.

Media Training for Authors – Crash Course with Jess Todtfeld

We had the pleasure of speaking with Jess Todtfeld of Success In Media today. With his extensive experience as a producer for some of cable’s biggest programs, and as a prolific author and interviewee, the only bad part about the call is it’s short duration. Todtfeld offers his unique perspectives on how to approach and leverage the media for your own end goal, to sell more books.

What’s interesting about this interview, akin to watching a movie a second time with the ending in mind, is that Todtfeld not only offers insight into how to leverage the media, he actively showcases these techniques within the call itself, making this call worth at least two listens.

For more information on Jess Todtfeld and to download his free media interview kit visit Success In Media

How to Format Your Self-Published Book – The Video

Melissa Anne Wuske showcases her techniques on page layout in this awesome tutorial video.

While we love it when you hang out on our website, the below video is best viewed in large or full screen mode.

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Now Buzzing – Eyes of the Bull

Buzz offers a glimpse into new self-published books from emerging authors that reviewers at our friends Palmetto Review find buzzworthy.

Title: Eyes of the Bull (A Ramierz Novel)  

Author: Radcliff Lance

Genre: Thriller

Release Date: Available Now

Reviewer: Karl Green

The wonderfully written novel Eyes of the Bull authored by Radcliff Lance is definitely a combination of an adventure, crime thriller, and undoubtedly is action packed. The story takes off with an introduction to the protagonist of the story, Diego Ramirez, also known as Latin Bull. The streets have always been a home to Diego, and when he finds out his sister-in-law who runs an online magazine exposing the crime and ugly truths in her city, Candice, has been beat and hospitalized by two gun thugs, he makes it his priority to find them and extinguish them. Prior to Candice being hospitalized she encounters Katie, a young teen whose brother has recently gone missing and comes to Candice for help. The Bull not only fights to save her sister and her acquaintances life, but also his.  

Lance does an outstanding job developing the characters and making them have a personal connection with the readers at every moment. I feel like the story is so real and easy to imagine based on his creative excellence. Lance’s unique way of storytelling is very enjoyable and resembles an action movie. He intertwines the story in such a way that prevents it from being tedious. His constant plot changes and the incorporation of stories through the book make it hard to put down once you get past the first couple of chapters. When I found Ramirez fighting those were some of the best parts of the book. I enjoyed the character’s interactions and their believable and uncensored language during the fights. The writing style is very descriptive which allows the reader to paint a picture in their hand. I also loved his introductions to his characters. The only thing I wasn’t so fond of was the beginning of the book, the story began a bit slow, but like I said after that I LOVED it. The story may have needed a bit of a slow start to have something to build up on. I would rate this book 5 stars. It was unbelievably good. I believe this book would be great for older teens, young adults, and fun-loving adults. If you’re looking for an action packed story this one is it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  


Book Publicist Scott Lorenz Talks Book Shepherds

Image courtesy of Jeromey Johnson 

Should new authors be left alone to make mistakes and gain experience? Save yourself from the pain argues book publicist Scott Lorenz in the article Book Shepherds – How They Can Help Authors. I spent some time this morning on the phone with Scott discussing the who, what, when, where, why of book shepherds. For your listening pleasure available for stream or download below.

Full version of Lorenz’s article located here.

Inside the Mind of a Amazon Book Buyer Pre-Purchase

As authors we all too often think about our own tastes, preferences, and desires when it comes to developing books. We look at what we’d like to see, and then go out and create it. Authors being an eccentric bunch to put it kindly, we often miss the entire point of putting together a book in the first place, the almighty reader. What if we could go inside the minds of those that buy books the most to get to know a little more about their thought process? Might it help us craft better, more highly targeted books in the future? Possibly. Might it help sales of such efforts? Absolutely. 

Pelham talks with Tiffany in this edition of What’s Working to discover her book buying process.

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Now Buzzing – Millie and Honey: The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure – Volume II – APPLEOPOLIS

Buzz offers a glimpse into new self-published books from emerging authors that reviewers at our friends Palmetto Review find buzzworthy.

Title: Millie and Honey: The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure – Volume II – APPLEOPOLIS

Author: J.D. Means

Genre: Children (age 6-12)

Release Date: TBA

Reviewer: Deborah Watson-Novacek

This wonderful book, authored by J.D. Means and very nicely illustrated by Romar Lipana, is a cute fantasy/adventure tale intended for children aged 6 – 12, depending on their reading level. This would also be a great book to read aloud to your non-reading children.  A sequel to MHIIIA, Volume 1: Catatonia, Appleopolis picks up the day after the characters’ adventures in Catatonia (an amazing planet of felines). 

In their last adventure, Millie, her dog Honey, and Honey’s litter (Salazar, Jasmine, Burt and Blinky) discovered a “Traveling Machine.”  In this story they join up with Millie’s parents and Rose (the machine’s caretaker) to travel to the planet Appleopolis. 

On Appleopolis, a planet of intelligent trees, the group also makes friends with the delightful Rags (the Regent of the Agricultural Garden Society), who wears a blue jacket complete with medallions and talks like a pirate. Rags is their own private guide to all the wonders in Appleopolis. The group experiences Apple Bobbing (with a twist!) and the Apple Press ride. They also learn a lot in the Maple Forest and the Cinnamon Grove. An adventure-filled day with lots of fun and learning!

I highly recommend that you add this book to your family library! I also think that someday this series would make an excellent cartoon series (a la The Magic Schoolbus)! The characters are all quite engaging and story is well plotted and executed. The vocabulary is just right – a little challenging (in a good way!) for younger children, but not too baby-ish for the older reader. The ending is satisfying and leaves you wanting to follow along on the group’s next adventure.

If you can, I also recommend you get the first book in the series (Catatonia), and I can’t wait for the publication of Book #3 – The Blue Angel Planet!

16% of Amazon Kindle Bestseller List Self-Published (selfmkt episode 6)

Today’s episode of selfmkt we discuss Thomas Friedman’s NYT Op-Ed piece in which Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos reveals 16% of bestseller list on Kindle are self-published books. Encouraging number? Still a long way to go? Maybe a bit of both, but the fact that hard numbers about self-published books are emerging regularly is a great sign of things to come in terms of measurement. 


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Is The Self-Published Bestseller List Your Ticket to a Book Deal (selfmkt episode 37)



With the recent news that Self-Published author Jamie McGuire signed a book deal with major imprint Atria after selling 200,000 books, one has to wonder, is the only real path to nailing a book deal paved with scorching hot Amazon Kindle sales charts? Is it a coincidence that McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster topped the GalleyCat bestseller list the same week that the news breaks of her deal? While the existence of such a bestseller list is still nearly brand new, the implications of ranking high on one seem to point toward the type of exposure that would catch sales-thirsty publishers attention. 

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