Self-Published Graphic Novelists Rejoice – Indie Aisle Here To Save The Day

A surge in self-publishing popularity not only helped the fledgling romance novelist take bookstore sales to new heights, it is also bearing fruit for authors of all kinds, including those of graphic novels.

Indie Aisle, a service that turns two in November, offers a robust suite of self-publishing services that are especially friendly for the graphic novelist. While the site pitches itself as a tool for any self-published author looking to convert, publish, and promote their book, we think the design-focused author might benefit the most from the tools offered on Indie Aisle. Here’s the rundown on this up-and-comer.


Indie Aisle offers your standard e-book conversion formats like turning your book file into PDF or ePub format, but the added-value of publishing through the site comes from their comic-friendly conversions of files like CBZ and CBR.

90/10 Royalty Rate

Sell your book through Indie Aisle for $10 and keep $9 no matter how the buyer pays, what credit card is used, how the book is downloaded. Compared to the royalty split to Amazon’s KDP program where the most an author can hope for is 70% of the sale price this is more than attractive cut for authors, now if they could just send all that traffic Amazon gets to the niche site we’d really be talking.

Promotion Tools

The most profound artist-friendly touch comes by way of the customizable promotional widgets Indie Aisle offers all authors that publish on their platform. A self-published book that is as much about visual images as it is text can really benefit from a slick promotional widget embedded throughout the web. All authors publishing on the platform have access to the Indie Aisle storefront. While Indie Aisle’s concept of offering authors a storefront isn’t new to self-publishing, the Indie Aisle storefront feels a bit more web 2.0, allowing books once stamped as nothing more than vanity works to have a more credible sheen to them.

As the market for self-published work grows, and the stigma of such continues to diminish, expect more niche outfits like Indie Aisle to emerge as players to serve their specific community needs better than the big boys could. We’d love to see a cookbook-centered self-pub service like this one, as well as a coffee table / photo book site with more functionality than blurb. Thanks to sites like Indie Aisle we just might one day soon enough.


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