Self-Published Authors Finally Accepted by Mainstream Readers as Legit

Could it be that the time has come where casual readers put self-published authors on the same credibility plain as a big imprint author?

We stole a few minutes of this Georgia peach’s lunch break from her day job at a Verizon call center to discuss her book buying process. A survey of one if you will. We didn’t have any prerequisites for the interview, and had no discussions with Melanie prior to turning the camera on about her book buying habits.

Around the 4:30 mark of the episode one can imagine many of the book buying public responding in a similar fashion that they aren’t entirely sure if a book they have recently read was self-published. As they say, the cream rises…

While our sample might be small, if you look at the interview as an indication of what the average American, or Southerner at least, thinks of self-published authors it’s a great sign of things to come, and yes, maybe just maybe, the dreaded self-publishing stigma is finally disappearing. 

For more information on selfmkt, including a complete compendium of episodes visit the selfmkt YouTube playlist.

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