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Title: The Humanity of Justice: Lighting Even The Darkest Path Toward Justice

Author: Burke E. Strunsky

Genre: Murder & Mayhem, True Accounts, Biographies & Memoirs

Release Date: Available Now

Reviewer: Kathie Abel

In The Humanity of Justice, author Burke E. Strunsky warns early on that “…this book is not for the squeamish.” He’s right. The stories are stark, unsettling and brutal in some cases. What is more unsettling, however, is the light he sheds on the state of our nation’s troubling apathy and disinterest in a system that has defined us as a democratic society.

Reading as a legal professional, I found myself nodding in agreement so many times as Strunsky describes situations clearly misunderstood, proceedings clearly misadministered, and justice clearly not served. He shows us that some of the problem is that the basics are not being taught as part of the middle or high school civics experience, and he’s right. He cites a poll that showed that more people can name the Three Stooges than can explain the three branches of government. He addresses the issues surrounding juries and the average person’s desire to avoid service.

The stories offered by Strunsky illustrate the dysfunctions of our society and bring home with compelling impact a need for understanding, change and reform not only in our system of jurisprudence, but in the way we as human beings view the process. The Humanity of Justice needs to be marketed aggressively and thoroughly – especially to young adults where it can hopefully be an agent for change. Four stars.

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