The Rise of Ancillary Services for Indie Authors

Once stigmatized as vanity publishing, the white-hot trend of self-publishing has not gone unnoticed by savvy marketers, web designers, and time-tested entrepreneurs who have gotten together to build out some pretty awesome tools to assist the self-published author. These ancillary services aim to solve indie author problems from book development to discovery.

While this list is far from comprehensive, it does offer a glimpse into a fast-growing world that will surely spit more startups out in the near future, and grow to include many more for as long as self-publishing stays on it’s rocket trajectory of popularity.


A novel idea for sure, the StoryBundle concept pairs same-genre books in a low-cost Priceline style pay-what-you-say format.

Authors potentially will be able to gain more revenue from the sale of their books with a 70% take on sales, and pickup new audience members in the process by piggybacking off of other author names. Author endorsements? Who needs them when you can get your book bundled, and sold together for one low price to a book savvy audience?

See what the buzz is about HERE.


Great writing sells itself, well if it gets in front of an audience anyways. That’s the idea behind BookDaily, which connects authors with a dedicated SEO-friendly landing page, and an option to include a paid blurb in a large, genre-segmented email sent to a group of avid readers in the four-figure range. Yep, that’s a good clip of exposure for any author, nonetheless a bootstrapped self-published one. And they support our website, so now you’ve got plenty of reason to give them a look.

Check them out and setup a free author profile HERE.

Undoubtedly the hardest part of reaching bestseller status is creating a product of quality in a field of glut. There are so many self-published books, many of them with DIY style covers and editing that frankly suck. It’s not a money issue for all authors, though some might just go sans any support to save a dime, others simply don’t know where to look. Enter, a soon-to-go-live marketplace for self-published authors.

Need a cover designer, editor, layout pro, and PR help? No problem. Have a certain price, style, timeframe you are shooting for? Not an issue. takes the friction out of finding the essential cogs to producing the bestseller status you’ve always lusted for. Check out our interview with the Co-Founder HERE.

Be the first to know when the site goes live by joining the invite list HERE.

Grub Street Reads

At their best traditional publishing houses and big box book retailers are described as quality control mechanisms for readers. Down the ladder of agents, editors, designers, executives, book buyers, and merchandisers we are told by the big outfits what to buy, when to buy it, why, and the aisle number the book is located on to boot. In the new and barely pubescent world of indie e-book publishing we don’t have said QC managers to tell us what to do anymore when it comes to investing in great books, a problem Grub Street Reads hopes to solve.

Grub Street Reads provides authors with a thorough review of their book, and if a given criteria is met, a star of approval. This notoriety will apparently carry the author forward to a new and eager audience that are trusting the analysts at Grub Street did their job, and are now ready to read your book. Think of it as quality control 2.0.

See if your book is right for Grub Street Reads HERE.

Did we miss any interesting startups that help self-published authors? Comment below and let us know!

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