Writer.ly CEO Kelsye Nelson Explains New Marketplace for Book Development Services

Writing a bestseller is just the start. Developing relationships with editors, cover designers, and book marketers is an art of itself. The friction on both sides, for example, authors to find qualified editors, and editors to find equally qualified authors as clients will soon be relieved thanks to an innovative marketplace called Writer.ly. Discover what it is about, and why this CEO thinks it will help authors crack the code of becoming a bestseller in this candid interview.

Nelson hopes to launch Writer.ly in the next month or two, and users can get a beta invite by signing up here http://join.writer.ly/



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  1. [...] Need a cover designer, editor, layout pro, and PR help? No problem. Have a certain price, style, timeframe you are shooting for? Not an issue. Writer.ly takes the friction out of finding the essential cogs to producing the bestseller status you’ve always lusted for. Check out our interview with the Co-Founder HERE. [...]