Zetablue Marketing Chief Rachel Simeone Gives Book Marketing Primer (audio)

What’s lost in the trends and fads of any form of marketing are often the most important things. In this wonderful interview with Rachel Simeone of Zetablue Marketing we learn fundamentals. Not only does Simeone’s experience as a corporate marketer bring perspective to her career in the book marketing world, she offers a ton of useful tips from her current gig working with authors to help promote their book.

Simeone encourages segmenting your book marketing campaign to those most likely to read your book. She doesn’t shy away from the idea that a successful book marketing campaign takes hard work, yet she also encourages slow organic platform building campaigns to help dull the edge of such a daunting effort. Be sure to listen for the history of platform building for authors around the 14:22 mark, this alone makes the clip worth a stream.

For more information on Rachel Simeone and the services she offers authors visit Zetablue Marketing.

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