An E-Reader Under $100? No Problem Says eBay Mystery Deal

Found today under the “Mystery Deal” category on eBay is this Ematic MID 7″ Google Android Kobo eReader for a paltry $59.99 with free shipping.

While the deal itself is great for readers looking for a new piece of hardware to consume e-books on the cheap, it’s also a sign of things to come for digital books. Similar to the pricing of Mp3 players and CD players before them, as the price of hardware decreases, the adaptation of the format will only increase. This is good news for the e-book industry at large, and self-published authors alike, as the more eReaders penetrate the consumer electronics market, the more likely smaller e-book retailers like Kobo will have a shot at gaining new users, and authors new readers.

Interestingly enough, the current Kindle Fire offers a similar Android-based touch screen operating system on a 7″ screen, though it does come with 8 GB of memory instead of the MID’s 4. 

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