Readers: The Ultimate Feedback Channel for Self-Published Authors

It’s funny how news outlets, ours included, almost bypass the most fundamental feedback channel when reporting on what’s hot in the book industry, readers! As an author chances are the ultimate goal is to achieve approval from the audience, AKA readers, above all else.  Would it not help to know what readers of books in your category actually think about when deciding what makes a book worth reading, how they calculate what’s great and what’s not once a book is read, and how they become emotionally attached to certain books?

Enjoy Chapter Challenge below, an ongoing series we at selfmkt put together to help authors get into the mind of their core audience.

In today’s Chapter Challenge we pit two self-published romance novels in a battle for the ultimate in accolades, reader approval.

Books Featured in The Program:

Bodygaurd: Shifters Unbound by Jennifer Ashley versus  vs. The Beauty Within by Savannah J. Frierson

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